Cosmetic surgery is a procedure to improve, alter or enhance a person’s physical appearance. The procedure can be surgical or non-surgical. Cosmetic surgery Dubai can be performed on any part of a person’s face or body to attain desired results, whether it is any disorder by birth, any accidental or burn marks, face lifting, or altering of the nose to boost a person’s self-esteem, all can be achieved by a cosmetic procedure. The non-surgical procedure includes lesser treatment or Botox. Whereas surgical procedures involve high risk, complications, and side effects including nerve damage, hematoma, infection, etc. Only a qualified and trained surgeon can carry out such surgery.

    What are the different kinds of liposuction?

    Many liposuction strategies are succeeding globally, but they all use a cannula that is interlinked with a vacuum to suck all undesirable blubber. The following kinds of liposuctions are most frequently used which are mentioned below,

    1. Tumescent:

    In this liposuction strategy, surgeons use to induce hygienic fluid in a fatty area via injection. That fluids comprise saline in combination with lidocaine and epinephrine. This helps to such fat with less or no blood loss easily.

    • Ultrasound-assisted:

    This liposuction procedure involves a sound energy wave that penetrates the patient skin and destroys the fatty cells and liquefies them. By doing so, fat can be sucked out safely.

    • Laser-aided:

    This method involves a laser that melts the fat by bursting energy into the skin layer of the patient.

    Who can go for liposuction?

    If someone is willing to adopt a liposuction procedure, they must visit their surgeon to tell him about their goals and interests. They should also concern with risks, merits, and costs. The surgeon will further guide you about constraints on diet and alcohol consumption.

    Do not hide your allergies and current remedy including OTC herbal supplements status for the sake of your interests. Health always comes first. Your physician may discontinue some of your medications and add blood thinners and a few painkillers before surgery.

    What are the risks of liposuction?

    If you are going for liposuction surgery, you need to be healthy enough to withstand the risks of this surgery. It seems to be childish the thought that liposuction is free from side effects and risks. Numerous adverse effects and risks of liposuction have come on board, including

    • Skin bleeds
    • Develop infections
    • Adverse reaction of lidocaine
    • Fat is removed unevenly
    • Nerves, vessels, and organs could be damaged
    • Instrumental burns
    • Anesthesia-induced complications
    • Fat embolism

    The liposuction technique sucks all your body’s extra fat by removing permanently fat cells. But there is a chance to gain weight afterward with new fat cells other than in the treated area of the body. Liposuction Dubai is becoming more advanced and effective surgeons that will maintain patients’ regular follow-ups and keep an eye on their diet. Maile, a diet with more lean proteins, grains, low-fat dairy products, fruits, and vegetables along with regular exercise is recommended.


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