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    Which Australia permanent visa is the best on the basis of skills?

    Australia is providing many types of visas according to the reason of your visit. Visa process for any country is complex you can seek help from immigration consultant to boost up your visa process. The reason for different types of visa make approval process feasible. Like if you wanted to permanently settle in Australia you can apply for visa from Australia skilled immigration category. Most common visa from this category is subclass 190 visas Apply for a visa that is most relevant to your situation and reason to visit.  This would increase the chances of approval of visa.

    Things to know about 190 visa:

    This visa is a permit to live and work in Australia permanently. The selection criteria aren’t complex, the main demand of this visa is to have good experience and skill in your field. Australia wants to welcome people who are beneficial for their economy and social stability.  Government nominate and invite you if you’re perfectly fit on eligibility criteria. For this visa you have to be experienced in one of the fields which is included in the list issued by government.

    To be able to get Invitation you have to score 65 points on criteria which includes your personal to professional information. Check for all territories requirements when you’re applying for this visa as there requirements are varied from each other. You can also bring your family to Australia after getting settled. To become a permanent citizen you’ve to work at least 2 years in Australia with clean record. Your visa could be cancelled if you constantly break laws or commit any serious crime. The visa approval duration is small in comparison of other visas that’s why 190 visas is more common. Make sure to submit a complete file to avoid any delay or hurdle in approval process.

    Eligibility criteria for 190 visa:

    Form visa approval you fill in the eligibility criteria is important the more you are close to Eligibility criteria the more high chances of approval. First prove yourself as a talented person through skill assessment and also submit expression of interest. Qualification criteria is the key for this visa if you’ve higher education your chances of acceptance will be high. Your English level is also judged in these criteria it’s preferable to have fluency in English to earn more scores. Also, your past work experience boost your possibilities the more practice you have you’re the more scores you’ll get.  Apart from this your age and marital status also counts.

    Final thoughts:

    If you consider yourself qualified and eligible for subclass 190 skilled nominated visa than you should apply for it, improve you English level and continue your education to be the best candidate for this visa. Also, for visa approval you can seek help from consultant agency to make your visa application process smooth. They will provide complete guidance about the whole process and will be done your work from file compilation to submission in government office efficiently.


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