One of the top guiding plastic and classy experts in the UAE is Dr. Paulo Michels. His specialty is remedial chest an operation, as well as cautious and non-cautious body etching. As a result of his unfaltering obligation to giving the best rules of care and achieving secured and typical results for his patients, Dr. Paulo has gained a splendid remaining among them in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dr. Paulo at this point sorts out of his own office in Abu Dhabi and will after a short time starting working out of Dubai as well. Send an enquiry as of now to Plastic Surgeon Dubai if you have any requests in regards to plastic operation or would have to design a guidance!


    Vaser Unparalleled Quality Liposuction:

    Our VASER liposuction system is an irrelevant intrusive body scratching treatment that utilizes ultrasound to detach fat cells, really killing them from the body.

    Gut Wrinkle/Abdominoplasty:

    An abdominoplasty is a shielded, solid, and reasonable reaction for individuals who need to reestablish their body’s standard shape and design by taking out overabundance fat and free skin.

    Bbl/Brazilian Butt Lift:

    In the event that you wish to overhaul the size and state of your back end without the utilization of enhancements, Brazilian Butt Lift is a system you want to consider. A fat exchange framework utilizes the patient’s own muscle to fat extent.

    Butt cheek Enhancements (Butt cheek Expansion):

    Work on the volume, shape, and size of your back with a butt cheek increase an activity. It is suggested for patients that need more muscle versus fat to go through BBL structure.

    Body Framing/Body Lift:

    Body framing an activity watches out for various procedures that reshape the body to make a slimmer, more shaped appearance.

    Body Lift:

    The body lift is an operation that wipes out overabundance skin and fat from the midsection, thighs and base. Managing the condition of your body by making a smoother, more shaped appearance is normal.

    BodyTite/Argon Plasma/J-Plasma:

    Decline fat while at the same time fixing the skin through immaterial intrusive body outlining approach like BodyTite, Argon Plasma, and J-Plasma.

    Mastopexy with Enhancements:

    Mastopexy with installs is an operation that reshapes the chest by clearing out overabundance skin and fixing the essential tissue. This is finished to manage the presence of chests, as well as expansion chest size.


    Gynecomastia is the expansion of chest tissue in people considering a disproportion in the degrees of estrogen and testosterone. This condition is commonly seen because of huskiness, where fat cells produce more estrogen than testosterone.

    Chest Augmentation:

    Besides named as improvement mammoplasty, Chest augmentation is a medicinal technique expected to develop the size and volume of the chests. It can similarly be performed to address disproportion and odd chest shape.

    For the best wary social occasion concerning any of the body parts you can reach us now in a singular tick by going to Plastic Surgery Abu Dhabi. We are filling in as the best experts in all over Abu Dhabi. Your inclinations can be our reaction.


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