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    Can You Rinse Vegetables with Kangen Water:

    Kangen Water UAE eliminates all the harmful chemicals and pesticides used during the process of developing Fresh and organic vegetables. As non-harmful ones are a crucial portion of your diet and you must never miss it!

    So better make sure that the veggies you are consuming are free of any poisonous chemicals. Because it is proven through research that most of the clinical gastric complications are the result of germs and fungi present in them and are not thoroughly removed from the consumed fruits and vegetables.

    Since our regular tap water is not sufficiently functional when it comes to removing pesticides from freshly grown fruits and vegetables, it is recommended to use Kangen Water Dubai as a Vegetable Sanitizer by maintaining the alkalinity of the water at “11.5 pH” which ultimately assures the 100% cleanliness of them.

    List Of Dangerous Microorganisms Present In Fresh Vegetables:

    These micro-organisms are present in the soil, excreta, and water used during the development period of vegetables and can easily spoil and cause serious stomach and other diseases in animals and human beings:

    • coli
    • Salmonella
    • Listeria

    You can only assure the ingestion of healthy food if the main constituents i.e., vegetables, fruits, meat, etc. used in it are rinsed and cooked rightly

    How to Properly Rinse Vegetables with Alkalized Water:

    If the vegetables and fruits are rinsed and handled properly it will pretty much draw out all the germs and bacteria off the exterior or skin of the vegetables etc. that attaches with it from the soil it grew in and is taken out from.

    So, let’s look at the standard way of rinsing vegetables and fruits:

    • Prior you start the vegetable rinsing procedure rinse your hands properly with soap and lukewarm water for about 15+ seconds
    • Take a knife and draw out all the discolored and spoiled portions of the vegetable as it can cause food poising if digested
    • Rub the smooth surfaced veggies and fruits under flowing alkalized water
    • For the peelable make sure you rinse them thoroughly to keep the germs from entering the ingestible products inside
    • For rough-surfaced ones, for example, melon and bitter gourd, etc. scrub their exterior using a clean brush with semi-hard bristles
    • For leafy vegetables rinse, cutaway, and throw the outermost part of the cabbage, etc. as it is the easiest way of cleaning them

    The alkalized water aka Kangen Water UAE is the most suitable source to neutralize and draw out the oily harmful chemicals present in locally available veggies and fruits at stores and supermarkets.

    • Turn the alkalinity of the Kangen Water Dubai device to “11.5 pH so” is strongly alkaline enough to break down active and toxic forms of pesticides etc. on the exterior of vegetables and fruits and rinses it off

    Hence, the necessity of intaking fresh clean veggies and fruits is no news to anyone because if you ignore the proper rinsing of them you are giving all dangerous micro-organisms an invitation to invade your body with several infections.


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